02 Nov

Colorado SCAM alert - Air Duct Cleaning.
Don't be fooled.

If you need your Air Ducts or Dryer Vents cleaned, watch out for the scams.

The ads you're seeing for $99 to clean all your vents aren't real. It's just a bait and switch to get a scary guy into your home to trick you into higher pricing.

Call a company you can trust. Someone with REAL pricing and REAL reviews.

If the company you call says they can't quote you EXACT pricing per the number of vents you have, or they say their website is down, it's a scam. Be sure to actually click on their reviews for authenticity. If the person on the other end of the line isn't truly in Colorado and can't speak English, I encourage you to stay clear.

Give us a call at Kura Home Maintenance Colorado. We are a family-owned local business that can be trusted. My wife, Kim Urban answers the phone. A real person, actually in Colorado who actually works for the company. 😀😍

Kura Home - Colorado

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