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2016 to Present:
Executive Recruiter | C-Level Executive | Consultant | Operations Expert | Author | Podcast Host | Turnarounds & Crisis Management Expert | Career Coach | Executive Coach

2013 to 2016:
Consultant | Interim Executive | Turnaround & Crisis Management Executive

2008 to 2013:
C-Level Wholesale I Real Executive

2006 to 2008:
Wholesale I Retail Middle Management

1990 to 2006:
Retail Multi-Unit Management

*Executive Recruiting
*Consulting Assignments
*Interim Executive Roles
*Turnarounds & Crisis Management
*Board of Director & Advisory Positions
*Career Coaching
*Executive Coaching


Executive Management
Recruiting & Talent Acquisition
Executive Search
Board of Directors
Crisis Management

Consumer Goods
Real Estate

Startup to mid-size
15+ direct reports
220+ indirect reports
Previously led companies as a CEO / President / COO at $40+ million in revenue

Leadership, Executive Management, Crisis Management, Turnarounds, Restructuring Downsizing, Operational Excellence, Sales, Interim Management, Consulting, Advisory, Recruiting, Board of Directors, Advisory Board, Startup, Executive Coach

Steve Urban isn't just an established leader; he's a crisis management expert with a penchant for turnarounds. With a storied career as the Founder and CEO of Recruiting & Consulting Firm Riderflex—a top-rated firm known for cultural fit staffing—Steve has continually exhibited a rare aptitude for matching talent with opportunity. He also serves as Co-Owner of Kura Home Maintenance in Colorado and Presley Rose Investments, a residential real estate venture he co-manages with his wife, Kim Urban.

Long before the inception of Riderflex, Steve had been orchestrating operational miracles. He served as CEO, COO and President of multiple companies with revenues exceeding $40 million, specializing in retail, wholesale, and service industries. His operational wizardry led to numerous company revivals, making him a sought-after talent for crisis management, restructuring, downsizing, and transitions.

Known as a thought leader, Steve ventured into the podcasting sphere with the Riderflex Podcast, which rapidly gained acclaim for its entrepreneur-focused content and career advice. He further expanded his influence by authoring "The Riderflex Guide" series, a valuable resource for both hiring managers and job candidates. His latest book, "Mastering Job Interviews," has garnered rave reviews as an essential guide for job seekers.

When Steve is not immersed in his professional pursuits, he lives for the family and the great outdoors. A loving husband, father, and grandfather, Steve replenishes his soul through camping and overlanding, guided by his life mantra: “I want my life to be dictated by the experiences I’m chasing.”

Steve's wealth of experience is now available for strategic consulting and interim executive positions, specifically at the CEO or COO level for small to mid-sized companies. His expertise is especially beneficial for organizations grappling with crises, transitions, layoffs, downsizing, or restructuring.

Steve Urban is not just an accomplished business leader; he is a resource available for your business's critical transitions. Tap into his multifaceted expertise for career coaching, speaking engagements, advisory roles, board of director positions, and more.

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The Riderflex Guide 2.0: Mastering Job Interviews

Riderflex Guide 2.0, Mastering Job Interviews is your indispensable companion on the journey to career success. In today's fiercely competitive job market, acing interviews is the key to unlocking your dream job. This comprehensive guide equips you with the essential knowledge and strategies to excel in job interviews. In a world where first impressions matter more than ever, this guide provides the tools you need to stand out and secure coveted employment opportunities. Whether you're a recent graduate entering the workforce or a seasoned pro looking to switch gears, the insights within these pages will prove invaluable. The book's unique format allows you to read it cover-to-cover for a comprehensive understanding or to dive into specific chapters tailored to your needs. From interview preparation and mastering common questions to handling difficult inquiries with confidence, this guide covers it all. You'll also learn how to excel in virtual interviews, build rapport, and leave a lasting impression. Job interviews are your gateway to success, allowing employers to evaluate your qualifications and personality. By adequately preparing, you can significantly boost your chances of success. Let this book be your trusted companion as you navigate the interview landscape, empowering you to make a lasting impression and secure the career you've always desired.

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Riderflex Podcast

Our podcast shares Career Advice & Job Interviewing Tips. In addition, we interview the most successful entrepreneurs, CEO's, and business leaders. Hear them tell the "REAL" stories of what it's like to start and lead businesses. Contact us at:

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The Riderflex Guide: Inspiring & Hiring

“The Riderflex Guide: Inspiring & Hiring” presents 85 of the most useful tips from an executive recruiter with more than 30 years of combined experience in management, executive-level leadership, and recruiting.

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