18 Jul

"Regret confession"

I worked WAY too much when my children were home.

I traveled all the time and was away on business trips very often.

I never taught my kids about the outdoors or took them on adventures in the Colorado and Wyoming mountains. Up until I was almost 50, I didn't even know you could go dispersed camping in Colorado (dry camping as they call it).

Now at the age of 56, while camping, adventuring, and ATV trail riding with my wife in the mountains, I often reflect and feel guilty about it.

I could have done better. Much better.

So, if you're reading this and you have children still at home, be sure to adventure outside and do things together (besides youth sports!).

That's one mistake we made. Everything was about school and sports and not nearly enough focus was put on hobbies, travel, adventures, and exploration...which is how I think you truly build family bonding.

Attending a baseball game is pretty much a kid's expectation of you. Taking them exploring in the mountains for the weekend (with their phones down), is truly investing your time above and beyond what's expected.

PS. pic from our camping spot in Wyoming this last weekend. With my beautiful wife Kim Urban. Unfortunately no grown kids or grandchildren on this trip.

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