20 Mar

Admin - Posting a job, waiting for people to apply, screening resumes and calling applicants is what I call "admin work". No offense, but anybody can do that. In fact, AI has already pretty much replaced humans that used to do that for a living. It takes almost no real skill set.

Real Recruiting - Learning your client, fully understanding the terrain and conditions of the jungle you're about to walk in, taking the right tools and equipment, finding your target, and bringing them back to camp.

In summary, real Recruiters hunt. They don’t sit around hoping their target walks into camp and sits down next to them for an evening campfire meal.

At Recruiting Firm Riderflex, we hunt for a living. That's how we put food on the table.

Riderflex - Recruiting & Sourcing

Riderflex is a top-rated recruiting firm serving small to large companies on a global level.
✅All Industries / All Functions
✅C-Level Executive Search
✅Mass Volume Associate Level Hiring
✅Excellent Reviews
✅Numerous Client References
✅Competitive Pricing
✅Simple Hourly Rates or Placement Fee Structure
✅Retained or Contingency Models

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