27 Apr

AI advancement - Lots of chatter and opinions.

I'm not an expert, but I've seen all the Terminator movies 😂 LOL.

But seriously, I guess I'm a "little" nervous. Not really for me, since I'll be 56 this summer. What I'm worried about is the life and safety of my grandchildren.

I think the tipping point, and maybe the "point of no return", will be when ROBOTS can make other robots and repair each other without human intervention or help.

When they can reproduce and fix themselves without us and we lose the ability to turn them off anytime we want, I think at that point real danger has arrived for humanity.

And even before that happens, when this technology gets into the hands of bad & evil people, it could get messy really fast.

I'm hoping I'll be dead before it gets too crazy. 😁 Maybe I've just seen too many movies and I'm being silly for thinking this way. Call me crazy I guess.


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