01 Aug

AI and Recruiting - thoughts (and my opinions).

Will we use AI and tech advancements in our process here at Recruiting Firm Riderflex?
✅Yes. In fact, we're implementing things now as fast as we can go.

Will it help us move faster and find better matching candidates?
✅Yes. It's already having an effect.

Will robots replace recruiters completely?
✅I don't think so. While the technology makes everything better, stronger and faster, I still believe the human element is critical, especially towards the back half of the interview / selection process. Specifically, as it relates to the judgment and evaluation of whether someone will match the company's culture and style.

Final note...

If robots do replace recruiters and totally wipe out the function and industry, I'm guessing they'll be millions of other jobs and functions eliminated across the planet. And by then we'll all be on universal pay and working part-time. Which could mean a much easier life spending more time on hobbies and family. Hey, I'm just trying to be positive here. 😊

PS. AI was used to generate this image. I'm glad I'm not an artist or creative designer. I'd be even more worried right now than I already am.

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