06 Mar

Timing - Always try and cancel the day before, not at the last minute, and definitely not within the hour.

A note - Don't just cancel it off the calendar without some type of note to the other person explaining the situation and asking to re-schedule.

The reason - Your BS can be smelled from a mile away. Don't make up silly excuses. Everyone knows it isn't true. 😊 For example..."I had to catch a flight". Anytime I hear that one I'm thinking; you decided to catch a flight and got on a plane before you could let me know all within one hour???

Sure, there's 911 / extreme situations. But most of the time, you can at least text someone or call them. Heck, if you're in a car wreck, how about at least letting the other person know what happened later? It only takes a few seconds. We're all busy, not just you. Let's give each other the respect we're hoping for from others. Anytime someone says, they're just extremely busy. I want to tell them, "yeah, and I'm just over here watching Netflix with nothing to do so it's cool."

*Not showing up at all without canceling. That's a different post.

Pic of my dog having his morning treat. Doesn't apply to this post at all, other than to get your attention. ❤️ Rider (named after our company Riderflex) gets pissed when his meetings are canceled as well.

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