10 Feb

Respect for Entrepreneurs (catching up with old friends).

Hanging out with Fred (Garrett) McNatt at his business in Chickasha, OK. Legends Pub House and Venue. https://lnkd.in/gs7kifEg

Fred and I graduated high school together in 1985.

I was blown away and super impressed with his establishment. Nothing like it in Grady County or even in Oklahoma that I know of.

Along with great food, the entertainment lineup he is drawing to this small town is something special and the residents should be grateful for. To pull something like this off is truly remarkable. With a lot of hustle and the willingness to take risks, it's amazing what people can do.

The attention to detail and planning around the build-out and construction was phenomenal. And the memorabilia collection alone is a big enough reason to visit this establishment. See this link for a shared folder I dropped a bunch of pictures in. https://bit.ly/3RjTR0K

By the way, as successful as Fred and his wife Allison already are with several other businesses and both in their 50s, there they were on a cold and late winter Monday night at 8:00 PM. Both hustling and working the floor. Allison was behind the bar and Fred carrying out food to a table when I walked in. Lots of lazy people out there in today's world complaining. They can take a lesson from Fred and Allison on what true hard work and grit can do for you.

If you live anywhere in OK, I suggest you check the website for upcoming events and visit.

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