14 Feb

I continued to be blown away by what this country has to offer entrepreneurs and adventurers willing to take some risks and grind.
From building Recruiting Firm Riderflex, becoming a podcast host, writing a book, starting Presley Rose Investments for residential real estate, and venturing into the mountains on a regular basis with my jeep on solo camping trips; I’ve realized more later in life that things truly are possible if you’re willing to go for it.  
And as time moves along with a lot of hard work and determination, more and more doors open up, allowing me to experience new things, brave the elements, temp danger with no fear, and see where it all takes me.  
Life is about experiences. Chase them aggressively and passionately. If you fail or stumble at any particular thing, it’s okay, at least you tried, experienced, and lived a full life along the way.  
Personally, I’m already 55. That means if I’m lucky, I have around 20 years left. Maybe even less than that with regard to physical and mental ability. For me, each day is a race against time to ensure I have NO REGRETS when it’s over.
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