23 Feb

Chatbots talking to chatbots...? Huh?

Salesperson called me recently. "Hey, we've created this really cool software where you or your company can respond to chatbots with chatbots."

I let that sink in for a few days. I was wondering...is that where society is headed? A place where we've created so much AI and software that no humans actually talk to each other? It's bad enough that most people won't even pick up the phone to have a real conversation (which I recently posted about).

Then while the chatbot dilemma was racing around in my head, I saw another VR (virtual reality) post about the latest software and headset. It was pitching how awesome it would be to "Pretend" like you were on a beach somewhere or going camping in the mountains.

So then, I'm sitting and wondering that night. Is this where it's all headed? Nobody leaves their homes to actually do "real" things? Nobody talks to each other? Ever seen that Bruce Willis movie "Surrogates"? Fake human-like robots that represent you travel around and experience life outside while humans are trapped at home connected to some weird virtual reality box.

I'll pass on this future. I vote no. I'm all for tech and the advancement of AI and robots to make the world an easier place to live in (especially for people that physically can't leave their homes). However, I'm against letting it replace real-life experiences and talking to human beings. Let's be careful.

Okay, I'm done venting now. I'll be leaving my home later today. Going to see real people, eating real food at a real restaurant, and conversating face to face with humans. It's going to be awesome. 😁

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