02 Nov

Do what you said you would do - tips to improve.

I will call you back this afternoon.
I'll send you a text with that info.
I'll get that report over to you by Tuesday.
I'll meet you at 5 PM.
I'll let Johnny know about it.

Question. How often do you mess this up?

How often do you find yourself in this scenario? Let’s delve into what 'messing it up' really entails. Say you promised to call back later in the afternoon, but you end up calling the next day without giving a heads-up about the delay – that’s what I call dropping the ball. Failing to uphold your word is a misstep. And if this becomes a pattern, I start to see you as someone who can't be trusted or depended on. Someone who is likely disorganized, inefficient, and messy. Maybe even slightly narcissistic. You don't want to be categorized in that bucket, do you?

Here are some tips to ameliorate this. And just for the record, I’m not claiming to be infallible, as you'll see in the accompanying video message.

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Here is the link to the LinkedIn post with a video on the topic. 


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