24 Apr

I’ve been interviewing, hiring, managing, and leading people for over 30 years.

For much of my career as an executive for other companies and for the last 7 years with my own recruiting firm.

I don’t know EVERYTHING about hiring people. But I’m certain of the following.

Hiring Managers routinely put WAY too much emphasis on the perfect resume and experience background.

When I look back over my career, rarely (if ever) did my best people have the perfect resume or “exact” qualifications for the job before they got it.

It was their soft skills, work ethic, ambition, and potential that made the difference. They matched the company culture and overall mission. Their passion for the service, the brand, and the team is what mattered most. I trained them up on whatever it was they were missing in the beginning and that time was well worth the investment.

PS. Riderflex Tip Of The Day – When you get someone with high potential that matches your company culture, but their resume only matches 80% of the job description…HIRE THEM. Stop wasting valuable time looking for the purple squirrel resume. Trust me, purple squirrels usually never end up being as good for the company overall as you thought they would be.

Yes, I personally wrote this, not ChatGPT 😀

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