19 Feb

My social media ETIQUETTE.
Rules I try and follow (although I’m not perfect).

1.     Only what I’d say in person - If I wouldn’t say it to your face, I don’t say it from behind the screen. And I sure as heck don’t say mean things to strangers or try and hide behind a fake profile or email.

2.     I look for the positive – I try and post almost all my material in a positive spirit or with things I believe might help people.

3.     I don’t look for a fight – I don’t scroll social media looking for things to disagree about, fight about or debate on.

4.     When someone disagrees – If someone puts a comment on a post I make that disagrees with me, or is trying to pick a fight, I simply thank them for the engagement and their time and move on.

5.     I turn it off when it pisses me off – If I find myself looking at a few things that are starting to irritate me, I put it down, turn it off or change the channel.

6. Business vs. Personal – I try really hard to get personal and talk about other things besides pitching Recruiting Firm Riderflex constantly.

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