19 Apr

Example of why you should never make “assumptions”.


Was out jeep trail riding. Early spring in Colorado. Still lots of snow around.

Was on a back road about 20 miles west of Walden, CO.

Road was closed at a certain point because of snow. Nobody around. Kind of “middle of nowhere”.

Came across this old guy walking up the dirt road, alone.

His tractor for grading the road and removing snow had gotten stuck.

No cell phone coverage in this area.

His work radio had malfunctioned.

He was walking back towards town (20 miles away) with nobody on the road.

Of course, I stopped to see if he needed help. I had a satellite phone with me that I carry when I’m in the mountains. I let him use it to call the county office to come get him and pull the tractor out.
I stayed and talked with him until they arrived.

78 years old. Working for the county.

So, let that sink in. 78 years old, walking up a dirt road, 34 degrees outside in the middle of nowhere.

You would assume a few things and also wonder why this guy was still working.

He must be desperate maybe?


Here’s what I found out.

Was in the service after high school and did two tours overseas.

Colorado University Graduate.

15 years as a professional bull rider in rodeos.

Owns a ranch outside of town.

Works for the county for a little extra cash and to keep busy.

Has more money in the bank and a ranch worth more than anyone in my family.

In pretty good shape for an old guy and tough enough and brave enough to plow roads in the Colorado mountains in remote areas.

So next time you come across an old person working a part-time job, don’t be too quick to judge.

Stop, and spend time with them. Ask questions and listen. Learn. Give them the respect and time they deserve.

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