17 Mar

You can just call me "Commissioner Urban". 😍

Looks like my new title as "Commissioner Steve Urban" on the Johnstown Colorado Planning Commission comes with a shiny nameplate that screams "very important person"! 😅 LOL.

Pretty funny. When I walked into the meeting last week, Lilly greeted me saying, 'Look at your new nameplate!'"

But let's be real, the nameplate may be fancy, but it's the work that matters, and it's never just about the title. It's funny how a little piece of engraved wood can make you reflect. 

I've stepped into a role that gives back to the community, and I'm poking fun at myself for not donning the volunteer hat sooner. I guess better late than never, right? But hey, we're all a work in progress, and I'm learning that it's not the years in your life but the life in your years that count.

I'm grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the town of Johnstown, CO. I'm rolling up my sleeves, ready to dive into the civic duties that await. And let's not forget, volunteering is like a workout for the heart, and mine's about to get some serious cardio!

To everyone out there, remember it's never too late to get involved. Find something you're passionate about and jump in. I promise it's more rewarding than any fancy title or nameplate. And to the community of Johnstown, thanks for trusting me with this role; I'll do my best not to let this plaque outshine my efforts. 😉

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