26 Apr

"People slamming remote work usually have an agenda."

Almost every time I see someone speaking negatively about remote work, you can usually follow the money trail.

They are usually tied back to some sort of industry that benefits by people going to the office. Commercial Real Estate, Oil & Gas, Auto, etc.

Of course they want people returning to the office. More remote workers over time hurts their bottom line and causes them to pivot. So, from a business perspective, I get it.

But I'd rather see an honest post. Something that clarifies they want people back on the road because it benefits them in the long run financially.

Finally, here's a newsflash for Sam (in the article) and anyone else trying to keep us from progressing forward. Remote work is here to stay and it will continue to increase as technology advances.

We will eventually look back on society and ask ourselves why we made people drive an hour into the office, pollute the planet and rob time from their families, simply to open a laptop and sit in a cubicle for 90% of the day. We'll scratch our heads and say, "Really, we used to do that?"

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