17 Mar

"Questions job candidates should ask during an interview"

Navigating job interviews can be daunting, but asking the right questions can set you apart as a candidate. 

✅ Do Your Homework: Avoid questions with answers that are easily found in the job posting or company website. Show that you've done your research!
✅ Dig Into Company Culture: Understand if the company's atmosphere matches your style. Company culture is key to your success and happiness in the role.
✅ Learn About Your Potential Manager: It's not just about their title. Understanding their management style and personality is crucial since you'll be working closely with them.
✅ Inquire About Financial Health: Especially important in privately held companies. Asking about financial stability and long-term plans can give insights into the company's future.

🔥 Pro Tip: Pay attention to non-verbal cues when asking about financial health. You can often tell by their reaction if there's more to the story.
By focusing on these areas, you ensure a two-way fit, making your interview more than just a Q&A session—it becomes a strategic conversation about mutual benefit and alignment.


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