12 Apr

Like my shorts? Yes, that's really me. 😀

Grabbed a quick shovel and snapped this near my house.

But on a serious note...

If you're in need of Skilled Trades Staffing & Recruiting Services, our team at Riderflex can provide that.

As a boutique generalist recruiting firm, we find and place talent in "All Functions" and "All Industries. From executive search single placements at the CEO level to mass volume trade skills associate level hiring, we’ve done it all.

Riderflex provides competitive pricing along with a proven track record and exceptional customer/client reviews.

You can ping me directly or use the contact information below.

Riderflex - Recruiting & Sourcing

Riderflex is a top-rated recruiting firm serving small to large companies on a global level.

✅All Industries / All Functions
✅C-Level Executive Search
✅Mass Volume Associate Level Hiring
✅Excellent Reviews
✅Numerous Client References
✅Competitive Pricing
✅Simple Hourly Rates or Placement Fee Structure
✅Retained or Contingency Models
✅Skilled Trades

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