05 Apr

In the real grown-up business world, "results" are what matter.

There are no "participation" trophies.

Nobody's getting 7th place ribbons.

Not everyone gets to play.

Life isn't fair and bad things happen to good people.

Nobody cares if your feelings are hurt, or you've been offended or bullied.

Mommy's not going to be there to tell you, “It’s all okay and what matters is that you tried hard."

In the real world, it's about EXECUTION and RESULTS. And these results need to produce services and products that make money.

Even when I'm speaking with one of our own recruiters here at Riderflex, I get super annoyed when I hear someone say, "but I tried really hard". I'm always thinking to myself...is that what we’re going to tell the client? "Sorry we failed to execute but please go ahead and pay us because we "tried" really hard." 😂 I don't think so.

Money doesn't fall out of the sky because you wake up. It hits your bank because you work your ass off, execute and deliver results.

And there folks is your Riderflex tip (and rant) of the day.

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