20 Feb

Working with your spouse.

It's been over a year now since my lovely wife Kim Urban officially joined us here at Recruiting Firm Riderflex.

I didn't really know for sure whether we could make it work (without driving each other crazy), but it has.

It's been awesome and I've truly cherished the opportunity to not only work with Kim on a daily basis, but feel extremely privileged to work remotely. Kim and I work from wherever we want to and it isn't something I take for granted.

We are together almost all the time (except when I'm in the mountains camping for a few days) and it never gets old.

*Pic from dinner Saturday night and we went dancing afterward. That's how we met over 20+ years ago was at a dancehall and there we were last night dancing again. We had to show the youngsters how to do it. 😊

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Kim Urban 

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