13 Jun

Ask someone under the age of 30 what D-Day was.

Ask them to point out Normandy on a map and its historical significance. 


Ask them who the Kardashians are. LOL.

If they don't know, you can remind them that today is the anniversary of the invasion just in case they missed it.

It's been about 80 years since Americans have seen a major war with the possibility of losing their freedom.

It's been about 90 years since the great depression. A time when many young people wondered if they were going to eat for the day.

Sometimes when I see what people complain about, what we talk about, and what we focus on, it appears to me that many of us have lost our focus on what's really important. What really matters.

I think the number of generations and years that have passed since times were tough is part of the challenge. There’s just no way for some of the younger people to truly understand or appreciate what they have. It’s even hard for me. I was born in 1967 and never had to suffer like folks before me did.

I threw out some old curtains in the trash one day. My 90-year-old neighbor (and this was 10 years ago) saw me do it. She took them out of the trash from the alley, proceeded to come back around to the front of the house, and “have a conversation” with me. A lecture I will never forget.

When I see the lack of grit and work ethic and determination it really bothers me. I’m in the recruiting business as the Founder & CEO of Riderflex so I see and witness the attitudes regularly.

Maybe I'm just an old curmudgeon now, I'm not sure. But I know this, if my Dad was still alive (born in 1937) he'd be wondering what the heck happened to our focus and grit.

As Dana White said, with so many complaining wimps out there today, if you're a savage and you wake up every day working your ass off and taking some risks, you'll crush the competition.

Okay, I'm done venting now.

PS - Shout-out to anyone still alive that participated in the invasion to help secure the freedom all of us are enjoying today.

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