25 Apr

“Bad things happen to all of us”

So, stop complaining. Stop laying around feeling sorry for yourself.

Stop blaming everyone else for all your problems.

Stop waiting for handouts and free stuff, just because you have some battle scars.

Newsflash. We all have scars.

And…probably more scars coming.

Life is hard. Tragedy and bad luck are all part of it.

Nobody wants to hear about your pity party.

What we all want to see and hear is you getting up, dusting yourself off, and charging forward. Keep pushing forward.

Wake up, work your ass off, and treat people as you want to be treated.

Keep doing that on a consistent basis and more positive things will happen than bad.

Bad things will still happen from time to time, but you’ll increase your chances of “good things” happening, with the right attitude, determination, and effort. 

I see lots of whining and complaining on social media, which caused this rant. Thanks for listening. 😊

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