08 Aug

“ChatGPT generated resume”. What I think when I see one.

How I react and respond when I find out the candidate used ChatGPT to enhance or write their resume or LinkedIn profile.

👏👏👏👏👏 Hooray! Good, for you!

That’s my reaction.

As a Business Owner, Entrepreneur, CEO, and Recruiter, I've been closely observing the ongoing discussions about the role of technology and AI in our industries.

Here are my thoughts.

The pace of technological advancement, especially in AI, shows no signs of slowing down. Those who resist or fail to adapt risk being left behind. I've noticed a particular resistance when it comes to AI-generated content. This is a sensitive topic for many, especially in educational institutions. Writers, artists, and marketing agencies are understandably apprehensive. The potential impact on various sectors is vast and can be intimidating.

However, the reality is clear: technology is progressing, and it's here to stay. The most pragmatic approach is to embrace it. By understanding and leveraging these tools, we can enhance our capabilities and efficiency.

In the realm of recruiting, I see immense potential. I encourage our recruiters to utilize tools like ChatGPT to craft more effective job descriptions and postings. Similarly, candidates can benefit from AI to improve their resumes and LinkedIn profiles. Using AI doesn't diminish the originality of the content; it simply refines it, offering enhanced versions.

Educational institutions should focus on equipping students with the skills to harness the power of AI, like ChatGPT, rather than trying to restrict its use. The resistance reminds me of the initial skepticism towards calculators. Once seen as a form of "cheating", they're now indispensable in various tasks. The same can be said for emerging technologies.

In conclusion, it's essential to view technology as an ally. By embracing and integrating it into our workflows, we can ensure a more prosperous and efficient future.

PS. The foundation of this message was, of course, my own ideas. My original drafted thoughts. However, I pasted it into ChatGPT to proof it, tweak it and give it a few fancier words that are beyond my grammar capabilities. LOL. 😊

Steve Urban
Recruiting Firm Riderflex

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