10 Apr

Business Owners & Entrepreneurs must ESCAPE!

They should always step away from the grind from time to time.

Working 80 hours a week for 6 months isn’t the answer.

You’re not going to perform any better. In fact, you’re probably damaging the business, your people, your health, and your emotional well-being.

Whatever your hobby is, do it. If you don’t have an activity outside of work to focus on, find one.

Each time I adventure out with my jeep for some camping and trail riding, I always come back feeling refreshed and recharged. And, I usually have time to think creatively and strategically instead of focusing on the daily tactical to-do list.

PS. Sharing my latest video as an example from a recent trip I did. Feel free to share your comments on how you step away and escape the grind.

Life is short, find ways to enjoy it outside of your business.

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