04 Aug

"My Experience with Dirty Boyz Sanitation: A Woman-Owned Small Business"

I recently had an amazing experience with Dirty Boyz Sanitation, a remarkable woman-owned small business based out of Rawlins, Wyoming. They came to my aid when I needed to clean out an old mining cabin tucked away in the picturesque National Forest of Medicine Bow, Wyoming. I must say, they not only did a fantastic job but also left a lasting impression on me with their outstanding professionalism and kind-hearted nature.

When I first contacted Dirty Boyz Sanitation, I wasn't sure what to expect. However, from the moment Nicole and her team arrived on the site, I could sense their passion for their work and genuine care for their customers. As an entrepreneur and a small business owner myself, I deeply respect and admire fellow entrepreneurs who pour their hearts and soul into their businesses.

What struck me the most was seeing Nicole right there with her team, actively loading trash into the trailer. It was clear that she wasn't just a business owner overseeing operations from afar; she was hands-on and willing to do the hard work herself. This dedication and willingness to get her hands dirty exemplify the true spirit of entrepreneurship and leadership.

Apart from their incredible work ethic, I was particularly impressed by their dedication to maintaining a clean and sustainable environment. The way they handled the waste disposal and recycling process showcased their commitment to responsible business practices.

But beyond their professional capabilities, it was the warmth and kindness of Rose and Nicole that left a lasting impression on me. They were not just service providers; they were good people - approachable, friendly, and genuinely caring about the community they serve.

As a result of this experience, I wholeheartedly recommend Dirty Boyz Sanitation to anyone in need of their services in the Medicine Bow area. Supporting a woman-owned small business like theirs is not only commendable but also a way to encourage more inclusivity and diversity in the business world.

I'm grateful for the exceptional service provided by Dirty Boyz Sanitation. They have my utmost respect and admiration as entrepreneurs, small business owners, and as genuinely good-hearted individuals. Next time you need help with sanitation or waste management in the area, I encourage you to reach out to Dirty Boyz Sanitation; they are the best in the business!

✅Photo - Nicole and her team loading up the trailer!

816 W Spruce St, Rawlins, WY 82301
Phone: (307) 321-3874

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