21 Jun

Nailing Your Job Interview: 4 Powerful Steps to Make an Impactful Closing Statement.

The job interview process is much like a performance, where every statement counts and the closing statement, akin to a captivating curtain call, could make a striking difference. Similar to the compelling power of a book's opening and closing chapters, your interview's opening and closing statements often hold the most weight. Here are four crucial areas to emphasize.

1. Restate Your Perfect Match for the Role

Even if you have brilliantly showcased your skills and experiences throughout the interview, do not underestimate the impact of reiteration. Remind your interviewer, with conviction, that your skills and experiences match perfectly with the job specifications they've listed. You could say something like, "I'd like to emphasize once more, John, how well my experiences and skill set align with what you're seeking, as outlined in your job description. I believe I am an excellent fit for this role."

2. Explain Your Motivation for the Job

Your reasons for wanting the job are equally crucial. Therefore, as part of your closing statement, reiterate why you are keen on that specific role, at that particular company, and in that industry. Show them your enthusiasm for the product, the team, and the company culture. Make it abundantly clear why you're not just looking for any job, but why you specifically want this job.

3. Address Potential Concerns Proactively

While many career coaches may advise against exposing perceived weaknesses or concerns, taking the initiative to address these head-on might just work in your favor. If there's a significant commute involved, or you lack certain experience stated in the job description, address these points. You could say, "I understand that the long commute may be a concern, but rest assured, I'm confident in my ability to manage it." This approach not only demonstrates your transparency but also your problem-solving skills.

4. Position Yourself as the Solution

Lastly, your closing statement should remind the interviewer that you're the answer to their problem or, more precisely, their job vacancy. Employers appreciate confidence, and there is no better time to showcase this than at the end of your interview. It could be as simple as saying, "John, you can cease your search for candidates now. I'm ready to step in and contribute to your team immediately."

Remember, the purpose of an interview is not just to assess your suitability for the role, but also for you to gauge if the company and position are the right fit for you. Show them why they should choose you and why you've chosen them. Use this closing statement to echo your capabilities, display your enthusiasm, address concerns, and underline your readiness to join their team.

Note** This is a rough transcript pulled from a Riderflex Podcast episode I put out a couple of years ago.

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