13 Jul

Having been in a leadership role, interviewing and hiring people now for over 30 years, combined with running a recruiting firm for a living, I have a few thoughts on the topic. This blog content was taken from a Riderflex Podcast tip I put out a couple of years ago.

I’d love to get any feedback. Positive, Negative or Additional thoughts are welcome.


1. Self-Awareness and Stability:
Older candidates possess a clear understanding of their strengths, making them stable and less likely to seek frequent changes. Their focus on doing what they excel at enhances productivity and job satisfaction.

2. Loyalty and Retention:
Having experienced various roles, older candidates prioritize stability and show loyalty by committing to long-term positions. This reduces turnover rates and saves resources on recruitment and training.

3. Strong Work Ethic:
Years of experience have instilled a diligent work ethic in older candidates. They prioritize hard work and dedication, leading to a productive and efficient work environment.

4. Extensive Networks:
Older candidates bring valuable networks to the table, including potential hires, vendors, and customers. Access to this network boosts business development and mentorship opportunities.

5. Superior Communication Skills:
Years of interacting with diverse personalities have honed older candidates' communication skills. They excel at collaborating with individuals from various backgrounds, enhancing teamwork and efficiency.

6. Leadership Experience:
Many older candidates have held leadership roles, providing valuable experience in delegation and decision-making. Leveraging their leadership capabilities contributes to project success.

7. Mentoring and Support:
Older candidates serve as excellent mentors, sharing their experience and knowledge with younger colleagues. This fosters a culture of continuous learning and professional growth.

8. Minimal Drama:
Older employees tend to focus on their work, reducing workplace drama and distractions. Their maturity and professionalism create a harmonious work environment.

Hiring older candidates brings numerous advantages, from their self-awareness and stability to their extensive networks and leadership experience. Recognizing the strengths they offer allows companies to build a dynamic and inclusive workforce, benefiting from the unique contributions of individuals at all career stages.

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