01 Aug

Hiring Managers and Recruiters – check your ego 😊

I want to address a crucial aspect of the hiring process that often gets overlooked – the relationship and communication between recruiters and hiring managers. In our quest to find the perfect candidate, we sometimes forget that collaboration and open-mindedness play a pivotal role in making the best selection.

Recruiters and hiring managers, it's time to check our egos at the door! There's no one-size-fits-all formula for interviewing and selecting job candidates. No matter how polished a resume may seem, it doesn't guarantee the ideal fit. Instead, let's focus on working together to identify the hidden gems that might not shine on paper but possess the potential to be outstanding assets to our teams.

A successful hiring process requires synergy between recruiters and hiring managers. By combining our expertise, we can ensure a more holistic evaluation of candidates' skills, experiences, and cultural fit. Remember, we are on the same team, united by the common goal of building exceptional teams.

Breakdowns in the process can occur when frustration or impatience creeps in. One party might feel slighted if their preferred candidate is not chosen. Let's remember that these decisions are not personal attacks, but rather a result of our collective pursuit of excellence.

Resisting the temptation to become defensive or offended by a differing opinion is crucial. Instead, let's engage in open and respectful dialogues to understand each other's perspectives better. Together, we can refine our candidate selection process, leading to stronger and more diverse teams.

Embrace the power of diverse viewpoints and innovative thinking during the selection process. Recognize that the best candidate might be someone we haven't even considered at first glance.

Let's champion collaboration over ego and nurture an environment where both recruiters and hiring managers feel valued for their contributions. Together, we can create an inclusive hiring process that attracts top talent and propels our organizations toward success.

PS. Remember, no matter what process you have, how perfect the resume is, how well the candidate interviewed, what recruiting resource you use, or how much you paid for the recruiting service…about 50% of anyone you hire will not last longer than three years and be an above average performing employee. In translation…check your ego and get over yourself just a bit. Whatever your hiring process, about 50% of folks you hire won’t be excellent and work out long-term.

**I'd love to hear your thoughts on this topic. My perspective is largely based on my current role as the Founder and CEO of Recruiting Firm Riderflex. I'm happy to hear other insights.

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